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I believe that each person has the capacity and desire to become the best they can be. As your counsellor, I will support you to express yourself and feel better about yourself.

There are many different ways counsellors work. My way of working is called "person centred" counselling. This means I believe you know yourself best and with difficult experiences or struggles you might have lost this knowledge or understanding of yourself. Counselling is your time to talk about what you think or feel you need to say. You decide and choose what topics, issues and experiences will be discussed, and I support you to do this through listening attentatively and checking I'm understanding you clearly. I don't ask you lots of questions; I check with you that I'm understanding correctly what you say, so that I avoid assumptions.

Each person finds their own way into counselling. It may be by talking (or creating something) about your experiences, or memories, or thoughts. It's not always easy to talk about feelings or concerns. I will support you to feel safe in saying what you need to say, and help you better understand what is troubling you. Through my careful listening to all you say and ensuring I am understanding you as best I can, you will begin to know yourself better, and in time feel better about yourself. I believe that each person is the their own expert but sometimes we need to be listened to extra deeply and appreciated, to be helped through difficult times or experiences. My job is to support you to understand yourself better, and to support you to become happier with yourself.

About me and counselling

I have more 20 years experience working as a counsellor with adults, young people, and children, disabled people and those from different cultures and faiths.

I believe counselling is a collaborative and creative process. With me, you will be accepted and listened to with patience and attentiveness. You may simply talk or you may choose creative means which could include art, crafts, puppets or mini world creations in sand. Children are drawn to my friendly nature. Adults find me patient, compassionate and down to earth.

Reasons for coming to counselling

I prefer to work with the whole person and not specific diagnostic issues. Life and relationships are complicated and often defy tick box compartments. Many of those who come to me for counselling have said they want to feel more confident, less lonely, less depressed, less scared, less anxious or less angry.
As a qualified and experienced counsellor/therapist I can support you to explore whatever your concerns or challenges might be.
Some of the issues that might bring you to counselling may include:
  • bereavement and loss
  • miscarriage
  • traumas or fears
  • relationships
  • difficult feelings
  • low self esteem
  • life choices
  • stress
  • family
  • identity
  • sexuality
  • life directions
  • difficult choices

    This is only some of the possible issues or concerns you may have and by no means a complete list. Your unique circumstances will define what you need and we can explore this before you commit to counselling therapy.

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